My Story

Being a father is much more than having children, it is a unique and unrepeatable life experience, sometimes full of doubts, but also full of love.
Together with my life partner Kyung-Hee we have transmitted to our children what for us are the essential values for their growth that our parents and teachers had bequeathed to us, we accompany them in their growth, awakening your cognitive abilities and physical abilities for a balance of mind, body and spirit.
In 2007, due to a new project, I had to distance myself from my family, but I wanted to continue participating and follow the evolution of my children both academically and sportingly. Not getting it and having the knowledge to achieve it, I knew that I could provide a solution, I started a dream, develop a sports management system that altruistically help athletes from their earliest age and accompany them in their passion to go improving their performance day by day since in turn parents could visualize their evolution.
As an athlete and as a professional in new technologies, I have developed a platform with a series of unique processes that allow interconnecting people who share sports, hobbies and who at the same time wish to support athletes in multiple ways regardless of their location.
In 2015 I met David Sanz at the National Tennis Congress, a guru in teaching and research, who maintains a close relationship with athletes, professionals, universities and especially with the sport of tennis. Shortly after, he joined the project to finalize the last phases as a global platform for the continuous progression of athletes throughout their careers, as well as related professionals and brands. Today I can say that my dream has come true and that this platform opens up a world of opportunities for new generations of athletes.
Thank you all for making this possible.