Always available and from any device.

Professional training

TEAM gives you the opportunity to have all your training sessions recorded, as well as to graphically view specific exercises and thus be able to track your evolution over time.

Network of contacts

TEAM also allows the interconnection of players and coaches from the same institution and even from other institutions or clubs that use the TEAM Platform, with which the interaction between users is multiplied exponentially, always with the aim of being able to increase your network of contacts, whether you are a player or a coach and that and that contributes to increasing your personal and sporting development.

Tournament Planning

You will be able to organize and plan all your tournaments, from registration to travel.

Teaching program

We coordinate teaching programs based on a methodological structure according to each sporting stage and always taking into account the characteristics of the athlete.

Sports Progress

If you are a professional or you are just starting in the world of sports, TEAM is your simple platform to control your progress.

Professional sports assistance

Interconnection with professionals in the sector, coach, physio, dietician, ... Professional sports assistance worldwide, you can contact physical trainers, technicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, managers, ... all of them highly qualified.

Interconnection through RRSS

Full compatibility with all social networks, to publish your sporting achievements if you wish and be interconnected at all times.


Everything you imagine to achieve your sporting progress at your fingertips, projects your professional career. TEAM deviates from the standards of sports control and management programs by taking an entertaining and fun approach as well as professional and precise. Its highly complex mathematical algorithm system allows optimizing the precision of the results displayed.

Tracking injuries

You will be able to follow the progression of your injuries with the interaction with your physio and your trainer so that your evolution is as fast as possible.

Sports Visibility

Visibility towards sponsors and scouts. If you allow it, we can allow sponsors and scouts to follow your path and contact you to help you in your career.

Multi platform

A modern platform enabled for all current media, so that you always have access to your TEAM environment. Our team has developed the most versatile and customizable multi platform sports support on the market.

Each sport modality is incorporated into the Platform with the pertinent adaptations so that it is specific for that sport and always attending to the interests of the user (mainly players and coaches). Our platform makes each experience unique, obtaining the best results and storing them so that they are always accessible from anywhere in the world.

Travel agency

Our desire to facilitate the path of athletes and technicians has allowed us to achieve the best collaborations with travel agencies in order to achieve our own multi-support travel portal. Wherever you are, find your best combination for travel.

We have the best prices and the most versatile travel combinations on the market. We combine any means of transport (flights, trains, car rental.). Enjoy the opportunity to move comfortably and with the best value for money.