to see your progress at all times
to achieve your goals.

Your training and evolution
in a single click

Your training and evolution
in a single click

Interact with your physio and coach so that
your evolution is optimal

Injury Tracking

Injury Tracking

Training, competitions, recoveries...

Track your progress

Track your progress

What is Team?

TEAM is a platform for the control and monitoring of the evolution of the teaching / learning processes of the training of athletes and professionals linked to sport.

Find out how to improve your performance!

Who are we addressing


of any age or category, professional or amateur


and sports entities


Physical trainers, nutritionists, physios, psychologists and sports doctors


with links in the world of sports


Sports coaches, personal trainers and sports teaching and training professionals of all levels

Use TEAM and manage your sports progress

with the most versatile multi platform system and market adaptive.


Control of progression and sports evolution, planning, programming of events and tournaments, control of expenses, physical, mental and technical evaluation, in addition to being able to access the social network of your institution to contact other players, with coaches and physical trainers, …

Always available and from any device.

Professional training

Registration and monitoring of training sessions.
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Network of contacts

Interconnection between players and coaches.
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Tournament planning

Organize and plan all your tournaments.
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Teaching program

Structured according to the evolutionary stage and characteristics of the athlete.
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Sports Progress

Control and automatic assessment of the improvements achieved.
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Professional sports assistance

Interconnection with Preparers of all specialties worldwide.
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Interconnection through RRSS

Publish your sports achievements, music videos and more from TEAM to your friends.
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Injury Tracking

Follow the progression of your injuries with the interaction with your physical and your coach.
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Sports Visibility

Let sponsors and scouts follow your path and contact you.
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Its algorithm system allows optimizing the precision of the displayed results.
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Multi platform

A modern platform enabled for all current devices.
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Travel agency

The best prices and the most versatile travel combinations on the market.
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TEAM history

My story...

Being a father is much more than having children, it is a unique and unrepeatable life experience, sometimes full of doubts, but also full of love. Together with my life partner Kyung-Hee we have transmitted to our children what for us are the essential values ​​for their growth that our parents and teachers had bequeathed to us, we accompany them in their growth, awakening your cognitive abilities and physical abilities for a balance of mind, body and spirit. Continue this story

About us

  • Josep Campaña

    Founder - CEO Chairman
    Creator of solutions with values. I love challenges and team building. Lover of family, nature, sports, health, culture and world gastronomy and passionate entrepreneur.

  • David Sanz

    Sports Director
    Passionate about training, research and knowledge. Teacher by vocation and restless about innovation. Adaptation to the environment and to the conditions and situations that life gives us as a permanent attitude on a personal and professional level.

  • Juan Carlos Maqueda

    IT Director
    Avant-garde in technologies applied to sport. Demanding and at the same time tolerant and patient, meticulous in everything I undertake. Great adaptability and passionate about innovative ideas.

  • Narcís Xifra

    Entrepreneur and businessman with a broad vision of business. Creative and strongly convinced of Team, a revolutionary tool in the world of sports.

  • Judith Campaña

    Product Development Department
    I am constantly excited to learn together with a great team. I love exploring, knowing and visiting new places. Sports and healthy lifestyle lover.

  • José Pardo

    Product Director
    Proud parent and trusted friend. I enjoy being involved in difficult challenges, the pressure activates all the senses. Collaboration driver within work teams. Healthy lifestyle but pizza lover. Passionate about home cooking.

  • Eva Plazas

    Marketing Department Management
    Passionate traveler, fan of human knowledge and animal lover. A good gastronomy accompanied by a craft beer. DNA Entrepreneur, athlete and enthusiast of business projects that fall in love.

  • Josep Campos

    Academic Director
    Enthusiastic about sport and physical activity in its different manifestations. Seeking a balance between science and art in sports coaching and training. Committed to continuous improvement, innovation and attentive to new trends in the sports industry.

  • Juanma Esparcia

    Technical Director
    Coach and Manager of professional athletes, I feel privileged to be able to make a living doing what I am passionate about. I am a pioneer in integrated work in the sports industry, promoting the union of three key areas: sports training for players and coaches, coaching and management.


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